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Does 'Batman Returns' With Penguin & Catwoman Still Hold Up?

We continued our series of reviews on old Batman movies, and we arrived at the most Tim Burton one of them all: 'Batman Returns'...

This is a weird one for me. Does it hold up? Yes. Is this a better Bruce Wayne/Batman performance from the GOAT Michael Keaton? Yes. Is this better than 'Batman' (1989)? No.

I just think the "Tim Burton stuff" is dialed up too high. The Penguin is so fucking grotesque and disgusting. Gotham seems so condensed and small. It's just a few things that throw me off. I still like the movie, and it holds up, but I wouldn't put it above its predecessor.

What do you think? Let us know below...

We also interviewed Eric Andre on the podcast and drafted the Best Comic Book Movie Performances...

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