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Howard Stern Lied About His Past Use of Racial Slurs - Kirk Minihane Rips Him Apart For It

Howard Stern's past use of racial slurs and blackface has come back to haunt him this week as social media discovers that some of the provocative host's old bits haven't aged well.  

In one viral clip tweeted out by Tariq Nasheed, Stern appeared in blackface impersonating Ted Danson for a pay-per-view special. In other audio from his radio program that's circulating on social media, Stern conversationally uses several racial slurs, including the n-word, and interacts with a cast member who plays the part of cartoonishly racist baseball team owner. 

The new attention on Stern's old racially charged antics follows his appearance last year after on The View for a segment in which he categorically denied ever having used the n-word on his radio show. 

As Kirk Minihane detailed today, Stern's denial is a total lie completely divorced from reality. (Starts at 0:14:00 in the podcast.)

Stern responded to the criticism on his show Monday morning by talking about his own personal evolution and by criticizing President Donald Trump and his son Don Trump, Jr. .

From Deadline:

“The sh*t I did was f*cking crazy,” Stern said. “I’ll be the first to admit. I won’t go back and watch those old shows; it’s like, who is that guy. But that was my shtick, that’s what I did and I own it. I don’t think I got embraced by Nazi groups and hate groups. They seemed to think I was against them too. Everybody had a bone to pick with me.

“It was something in me, a drive you wouldn’t believe. As a young man, I wanted to succeed on the radio and I wanted to go f*cking crazy. Emotionally it was costing me a lot. The FCC was after me, the right wing was after me, I had the Ku Klux Klan after me, threatening my life. All kinds of crazy stories. I could do 17 movies on my life, how crazy it was. I was fined millions of dollars by the federal government, for sex. Not for race, because if you talked about race, they never cared. Look, that was the show. I went into therapy and said, what is this? Do I always have to be the guy pulling my pants down? Can I find a way to do the show where I can be a lot happier? Over the years, I did change the show. A lot of people who did like that humor, where I was completely pulling my pants off, those people are pissed off at me now. They think I’m a sellout and I’m not doing a good show anymore. I got soft. I came to realize in therapy, if I’m going to be with my kids, and have a successful marriage, I can’t be insane completely 24 hours a day. I have to figure out a better way to communicate. So I evolved and changed."

“The big headline is this, and this is my fear in all of this,” Stern continued. “I was able to change my approach, able to change my life and change how I communicated. If I had to do it all over again, would I lampoon Ted Danson, a white guy in blackface? Yeah, I was lampooning him and saying, I’m going to shine a light on this. But would I go about it the same way now? Probably not. Not probably, I wouldn’t. At the same point, I will say, it f*cking distresses me that Donald Trump Jr, and Donald, themselves won’t go into psychotherapy and change.