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Kmarko Should Be Fired, Says Kirk Minihane

Barstool Editor-in-Chief Kmarko ought to be fired for posting a poorly written, error-strewn screed written by a pseudonymous anti-Barstool troll, says the target of that screed, Kirk Minihane. 

The now-deleted piece, which Kmarko admitted to posting yesterday evening, contained nearly a dozen grammatical mistakes, several run-on sentences, and utterly failed to make any point whatsoever or provide any humor.

The piece supposedly came in response to Minihane's criticism last week of violent protesters who tainted otherwise peaceful demonstrations and those celebrities who urged their followers to donate to unvetted bail funds. 

Minihane addressed the smear piece -- and Kmarko's decision to publish it -- at length on today's episode of the Kirk Minihane Show