UFC Featherweight Billy Quarantillo Breaks Down His WILD Win Over Spike Carlyle

Funny story about how this interview came about....

On Saturday, I threw my picks out there to the world, and didn't think much about 'em afterwards, to be completely honest....

(went 7-4 nbd)

Well, the morning after the fights, I woke up to this tweet from one of the four men who spit in the face of my picks and won after I'd predicted otherwise....

….and I felt HORRIBLE! 

I've always liked Dave's rule of thumb when it comes to Stoolies in sports - he's long said that he'd root for anyone that roots for us. If Lebron came out as a huge Stoolie all of a sudden, Dave would be fine with the guy. 

If I had known Billy Quarantillo were a Stoolie going into this fight - let alone a Stoolie since 2011ish - I woulda been trying to rally the troops around him here on the blog, on Twitter, you name it! I would never doubt a Stoolie in a UFC fight, just look at what happened in McGregor's last outing! Didn't even get hit! 42 second knockout!

After seeing that, I knew I had to have Billy on the pod to break down that win for me, and it was a really great time! He was an awesome dude and we discussed that foolish pick of mine, a little bit of his fighting background, and his love of professional wrestling. He's even a #BillsMafia guy if that does anything for ya! 

Check it out, and look out for a new Dana White interview later on!