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Cuncel Da Saeson?

It’s starting to look more and more like there’s not going to be a baseball season. IF that's the case, this will end up going down as the biggest black eye in baseball history. The NBA and NFL are eating MLB’s lunch, meanwhile there's reports that some (billionaire) owners don't even want the season to happen so they can limit their losses. KFC and I break down Scherzer's response to the owners, what missing a season would mean in terms of fan fall out and we discuss the positives for the Mets organization if games aren't played. A

We also talk 2007 fan fiction with the "butterfly effect" that collapse had on our personalities, wonder if you can really be considered the King of New York if your girlfriend drags you into a DUI dispute, and continue on with the Western division of the bracket. There might not be baseball, but we gotta believe that deGrom would have 3-peated the Cy Young, SO STOP ASKING "WHO YOU WOULD RATHER HAVE PITCH." The answer is always deGoat.