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Mariah Carey Lost a Popularity Contest to Kirk Minihane and KFC is JEALOUS

Kirk Minihane delivered a stunning defeat Thursday night to actress Mariah Carey, proving once and for all that he is more talented, popular, and beloved than the woman who gave us Glitter.

As war raged yesterday between the actress' followers (known as The Lambily) and the Minifans, Twitter user @DanToEarth1 decided to settle the conflict definitively with a poll. Minihane and Carey's followers fought bitterly to garner a majority in the contest throughout the evening, but the definitive moment came with 30 mins remaining when Big Cat delivered his endorsement. 

17,752 votes and an 18 point margin make the Internet's judgment clear: Kirk's the winner, Mariah's the loser. But not every Lamb is capable accepting defeat honorably, and some have resorted to name-calling and suggesting that the Minifans purchased fake votes for the poll. 

It's unclear how this latest triumph will affect Minihane and his relationships with other Barstool personalities, but already hints of ugly jealousy are emerging from some corners. 

Mariah stan "Nathan" joined the show to defend the movie star's honor (0:54:00) followed by Big Cat who joined for a battlefield debriefing (1:06:00).