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Hard Factor 4/27: Is Kim Jong Un Dead Or Not? Mafia Bosses Out of Prison, CA Beaches Look Like FL Beaches, Don't Drink Bleach

Nobody Knows If This POS Is Dead Or Not

On todays episode...

- Is Kim Jong Un dead, or is he having margaritas at his personal resort? Nobody seems to know

- Georgia is opening up its essential services, such as bowling alleys and tattoo parlors. California beaches look like Florida beaches and it looks like everyone is just over the quarantine.

- President Trump said his remarks concerning ingesting disinfectant to kill the virus was a joke, but CNN isn't buying it and says that if you think his remarks were funny than YOU are a villain!

- Joe Biden thinks Trump will try to stall the election, but it looks like he can't do that.

- Three Mafia bosses are getting released in Italy, as criminals continue to benefit from Coronavirus

- The last cruise ship stranded at sea, which has been at sea since January, is finally docking and passengers are free to leave

- Willie from Duck Dynasty has his house shot at, and other stories from Louisiana

- A Senator from Michigan is causing quite a stir on the Senate floor for wearing a mask that looks very similar to a confederate flag

- Hackers try to foil an expensive whisky auction and make off with the goods at a low price

- Space is scary, and so are the 20 huge asteroids that could kill us. Also, China plans on going to Mars.

- Taylor Swift is very upset about an album being released, all while her foe Kanye West makes the Forbes billionaires list

- Planning commissioner in CA throws his cat across the room and drinks beer during zoom meeting, leading him to lose his job

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