KFC Radio: Chris D'Elia, Rhett & Link Return, Top Five Tuesday

Don't forget to Subscribe, Rate 5 Stars, and Leave a Review with what Top 5 categories you'd like us to do! Today we kick off the episode with a little bit of Easter talk before we get to our interview with long awaited guest, Chris D'Elia. We talk with Chris about his latest stand up special No Pain, what it was like to unexpectedly work with Eminem, and some upcoming projects that he's excited about. No Pain available on Netflix now and make sure to check out Answer the Internet with Chris at 9PM tonight (4/14). We then continue a conversation we started with Chris about a viral tweet: Is it gay for a man to order dessert on a date? Followed by today's Top 5 List, who are the top five actors you were surprised to find out were actually British? We then get into our voicemails which include sex interruptions and new girlfriend on lockdown. We finish off our episode with the return of Rhett & Link. We discuss adapting shows to the quarantine, keeping in touch with more people than we normally would, and everyone's strange new addiction to doing puzzles during quarantine. Get at us and let us know what your favorite parts of the episode were on twitter/instagram: @kfcradio