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Hard Factor 4/9: Trump Joe Exotic Pardon, John Cusack Thinks 5G Spreads Coronavirus, Kentucky Man Strangles Teen for Not Social Distancing

On Today's Episode of Hard Factor...
-Trump in the Hot Seat after reporters ask if he will pardon The Tiger King... he says he "will look into it." 

-Louisiana Police apologize for using ‘The Purge’ siren to signal the start of Coronavirus Curfew

-The conspiracy linking 5G to coronavirus just will not die, and John Cusack and Woody Harrelson seem to be involved 

-A Kentucky Doctor who does not like back talk shoves and strangles a group of teenage girls for not practicing proper social distancing.

-Nevada is regulating weed delivery and @HardFactorWill is NOT happy about it. 

….and a bunch of other headlines. 

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