Hard Factor 1/8: WTFWednesday - Iran Attacks Iraqi Bases Housing US Troops, Toilet Paper Robots, Asparagus Lady in Britain, and Interview with Maine Fox Killing Expert Norman Kenney


On today’s episode…

Listener submitted stories for “What the Fuck Wednesday”

– Submitted by Iran: Iraqi Military Bases housing US troop were attacked by Iranian missiles

– Submitted by Deetzboy: Charmin is making robots that will bring you toilet paper

– Submitted by Kyle Cugini: Woman who predicted Brexit results predict multiple royal deaths (using asparagus)

– Submitted by Mister Wooders and BretHart4Senate: Couple of dickhead boyfriends get their comeuppance

– Submitted by God: 88 Year-old Maine Man Norman Kenney comes in for an interview in between rabies shots after dispatching his second rabid neighborhood fox in 4 months.

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