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Minihane Goes to War with Maine Red Claws, Unearthed Audio Sheds Light on Portnoy's Hatred for Blind Mike, and Chief Picks Pot Store Fight - Kirk Minihane Show

Yesterday, Kirk Minihane branded the Maine Red Claws not just his favorite sports organization on the planet but his favorite organization, period. Today, however, he has declared war on the Celtics affiliate which plays out of Portland, Maine. Why? It began when Minihane cold called the organization and demanded to be honored at half time of a game in February. The Red Claws were open to the idea -- many Minifans work in the organization -- but things turned south when Minihane learned that the Celtics, who own the Red Claws, might have final say as to whether Minihane gets to be the guest of honor. Minihane wants his praise when he wants his praise, so the Maine Red Claws are enemy number one -- until and unless they suitably celebrate his greatness (10:00). Blind Mike survived yesterday's episode, but Dave Portnoy is back in the saddle. Will he respond to Mike's dare? Newly discovered audio from Mike's time at WEEI added another layer of complexity to blood feud between Portnoy and Mike. If, and we think it's unlikely… but if Portnoy heard this old audio of Mike talking about what Portnoy owes him after his years being the token blind guy at Barstool, then perhaps we're a little closer to understanding the intensity with which he loathes Mike (1:18:20).  Also on today's show: Chief's fight outside a pot dispensary with an angry women who called Portnoy sexist, racist, and said he looked like a fetus led us to ask her on. She agreed to a 15 minute phone interview but only for $100,000. What a wit (1:37:30). Minihane also reacts to a scorching hot review of the new Star Wars movie that thinks Rose Tico's role was far too small.