College Football Playoff Preview (+ A Big Announcement!)

Welp, the big week is finally here!

On today’s episode, we break down LSU/OU and Ohio State/Clemson better than anybody else in the country. And no, we aren’t biased. We also hit the bowl games we care about this week, give some decade awards, talk a little shit to each other about the holidays and MUCH more.

We also make a big announcement that we are VERY excited about.

Barring some crazy breaking news, this will be our only episode this week and we will be back this weekend to break down the action from the Fiesta and Peach. If something happens between now and then, we will jump on an emergency pod and give the people what they want.

Have an amazing holiday week, Roughnecks!


[0:00] Intro and the top moments from the first season of Unnecessary Roughness.

[11:00] Bowl game previews

[21:10] Oklahoma vs. LSU.

[34:45] Clemson vs. Ohio State.

[49:00] Three questions for this decade.

[57:10] Hot takes from the roughnecks.