ZBT #226: This Episode Contains Absolutely No Impeachment Talk Whatsoever

ROUND 1: The Space Force is officially official & Kate’s is applying to be the branch’s professional jingle writer. We promise it won’t be as bad as the last song we did. Maybe. Probably though.

ROUND 2: A woman kept her dead husband’s body in a freezer for 10 years and collected his VA benefits. Victimless crime? Maybe. We’ll explore it to find out.

ROUND 3: You’ve heard of crazy ex boyfriends or girlfriends calling someone way too many times, and now an Army unit is doing that to soldiers on block leave, too

ROUND 4: We asked for your stories about memorable military holiday parties and learned more than we bargained for. Did you know that EOD isn’t allowed to wear robes to their parties anymore? Now you do, and you’re about to find out so much more.

ROUND 5: Move aside, dumb boots. The Army’s doing smart boots now that can charge your electronics on humps & these boots let higher-ups track your location. Good luck going AWOL in those suckers.