Kirk Minihane Show: Minifan Leader Accuses KFC of Doxxing Him

The leader of the Minifans (for yes, they have a leader…) has publicly accused KFC of conspiring to reveal the true identity behind his shit-posting formerly anonymous Twitter account.

On Thursday's episode of the Kirk Minihane Show, Minifan Show host MHB pointed up the tenuous circumstantial evidence that might possibly indicate KFC played a hand in unmasking his poorly concealed identity.

KFC hosts KFC Radio as well as a midday show on Sirius XM and is constantly dealing with booted cars because he's a parking ticket scofflaw. Which is to say he has plenty of spare time to go around fucking with anonymous fans of the Kirk Minihane Show. On tomorrow's show, KFC will join to answer the very credible and not at all delusional charges leveled against him.

Also on today's show: Minihane decides that I've been lying for years about coming in second place in a hot dog eating contest, Blind Mike loses a bet and is forced to utter an embarrassing phrase, and madman Rich Kelleher is trying to get some guy fired for revealing that he was fat once and his sister is a smoke show.