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Baron Davis vs Neal Brennan - The Feud You Didnt Know You Needed

We sat down with Baron Davis a few weeks ago. We shot the shit for a while, talked basketball, talked about his post NBA Career. But the main thing I wanted to get into was the story of Baron Davis being abducted by aliens. I was disappointed when I found out that story wasnt true. Then as the story unfolded, I was very NOT disappointed once I heard the real truth. Baron Davis out here drawing a line in the sand talking that shit to one of the best comedians alive. Baron Davis vs. Self Proclaimed Top Ten Funniest Comedians on the Planet, Neal Brennan.

Feits goes on to explain it a little bit but Neal Brennan came on KFC Radio several months back and said theres maybe ten people in the world funnier than him. When we used that clip as promo he got mad at us and told us to take it down and talked to us like we were idiots. Even though it was literally just a direct quote from the show. We thought we were showing love, Neal disagreed. But thats why its funny that he was on the other side of the table when it came to his podcast with Baron Davis. The Clickbait Giveth, and the Clickbait Taketh Away. The difference is Neal pissed off Baron fucking Davis and it sounds like B Diddy is gonna slap the shit out of him if they ever cross paths. I suppose Neal could slap the shit out of us if we ever ran into him, but thats not nearly as bad as Baron Davis. This podcast game is no joke, folks. Head on a swivel. Dont piss off Baron Davis.