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MICKSTAPE: Nick Foles Should Get His Jersey Retired Instead Of Nick Collison Featuring Adam Ferrone From The Barstool Travel Show

Today known travel connoisseur, pop punk frontman, and roundball aficionado Adam Ferrone joins Trill Withers once again for some harmless audio mischief with topics including… What’s next for Rone’s beloved Birds? Where does Nick Foles end up and is he destined to unite with fellow horsemen John Elway in Denver? FOLKS,, Trilly wants New Orleans vs Kansas City. Kyler Murray is about to make a CORRECT decision,,, wow! Also why THE HELL are the Thunder retiring Nick Collison’s jersey? Is Eric Maynor getting the call next? Would you trade Joel Embiid for Anthony Davis straight up? Does Carmelo exist solely in purgatory now? Plus the All-NBA 1st team halfway through the season so far…

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