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Sam’s Army Podcast – Episode 2+ on dis-United, Arsenalol, UEFA POY & Lazio’s safe space

Sam’s Safe Space for Soccer Stoolies


Hi haters™,

Soccer is back in full swing – except for those lazy ass Germans (stereotypes exist for a reason after all) – and we are back dropping white hot semi-cooked nuggets of knowledge on Unai Emery’s HOT start at Arsenal… a relationship status check on Jozay and United… what to make of UEFA’s Messi-less Player of the Year shortlist… and Lazio ultra’s begging the authorities for safe spaces… plus a quick rundown of all the rest of the scores and highlights through Europe and MLS.


“I know of no better way to get and keep your mind about the wonderful world of soccer”
–well-known, self-proclaimed luminary of the sport

“Not the Barstool soccer podcast we want, the Barstool soccer podcast we deserve”
–former player

“Definitely among the top two podcasts that Sam has ever co-hosted in his entire life”
–close associate of one-time USMNT star

“If you haven’t subscribed, unsubscribed and re-subscribed but yet go around telling people you support the troops you are basically a hypocrite”
–offspring of a veteran

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