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Your Call Football *Inaugural Series* With Pardon My Take vs Gametime Thursday 830 pm On

(These are formidable football guys Gametime is going against indeed)

Download Your Call Football HERE

It’s going DOWN tonight with a slobber knocker of a football fest between Pardon My Take and Gametime right here on the Barstool Sports homepage. It’ll be Big Cat, PFT and Hank vs Smitty, Devlin and Tex in the ultimate of showdowns using the Your Call Football app. And guess what folks? It’s quite literally Grit vs Power. And free to play.

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Your Call Football is a brand new app coupled with an actual live football game where viewers pick every offensive play on the field… And have a chance to win straight cash homie through that + trivia. Many of the players have been in pro camps along the way along with Mr. Windsor himself Merril Hoge coaching on one side, and good ol’ Mike Sherman on the other. These guys will be playing for keeps, you can bet more than a few factorbacks on that.

It’s a simple system to pick up and I’ll detail the rules and gameplay below, but definitely join us tonight at 8:30 pm for what should be an absolute battle of wills. Ride along with us on the app and see if you can beat our play picking prowess, and you could very well win some $$$ just for watching a football game on a Thursday night. Without any other pigskin for months that’s a pretty easy decision.

More details on the Your Call Football website here

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And a sidenote to all of this, it ain’t a sprint this is a damn marathon baby. We’re locking into the gridiron for the next 3 Thursday nights and with how things have gone lately, there is way more than pride on the line here.

Sure Tex won a Barstool Award and the ‘Stros are kicking ass again, but what if Hank proves he not only can beat Dylan Stone’s ass in the ring.. But also in football knowledge? Devasting.

And with Smitty 0-904 in Fortnite and officially OUT of Pup Punk per PFT Commenter, how can he survive if his football acumen is so soundly dominated by the “real” football guys around here? We’re gonna need way more than the triple-option to save us tomorrow night boy, aw yea.

Oh PS here’s the money that’s on the line…

How do fans win prizes?

-Fans can qualify to win cash in two ways-

-Based on their score (the results of their play-calling)

-Based on their coins (which you get upon registering and earn by winning head-to-head challenges and leagues and answering Trivia questions correctly).


The Game Leaderboard will show fans’ scores at all times
At halftime we will give away $1,000, $500, $250 for the top 3 (note: pending verification of age, etc.)

At the end of each game:

1st place wins $5,000
2nd place wins $2,500
3rd place wins $,1000

Next 25 scores get $100

Ties: In case of a tie in any prize category, the prizes will be totaled and divided by the number of ties.

But even if you’re struggling on the Leaderboard, YOU CAN STILL WIN CASH!


At the end of each game, the fans with the most coins win:

First Prize: $500
Second Prize: $400
Third Prize: $300
Fourth Prize: $200
Fifth Prize: $100

Let’s all be winners tonight…

See you at 8:30 pm

Download Your Call Football HERE