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Thank God Skip Bayless "Respects & Understands" 18-Year-Old Romeo Langford's College Decision


Last night, Romeo Langford committed to Indiana. Reags blogged about the impact this has on Indiana and on Langford’s big night. To no surprise, Reags wrote AND published that blog before Skip Bayless had time to fire off one of his tweets:

Let’s just start off with paying our respects to Skip Bayless for being okay with where Romeo Langford has decided to continue his basketball career. Romeo, 6’6 and the #5 recruit in the class of 2018, really needed Skip’s approval. Rumor has it if Skip didn’t tweet about him, he would’ve never signed the proper papers that made him an eligible Hoosier.

Skip, obviously, has been slacking and completely forgot this flowchart that shows when it is okay to tweet at a recruit:


I’m sure Skip Bayless doesn’t care much about Romeo’s decision, he was just excited that this opportunity allowed him to mention, once again, that he went to Vanderbilt. There is nothing Skip Bayless loves more than talking about he went to Vanderbilt. He mentions Vanderbilt so much that Mike Greenberg’s mentions of Northwestern pale in comparison. Take a look at when you search Skip on Twitter with “Vanderbilt.” You know what Skip Bayless doesn’t like to mention that much? His lowly 21 points scored in his Senior year of high school basketball:

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 2.46.57 PM

That’s just 1.4 PPG! Give the people what they want to hear, Jalen!!!!

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