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Don't Think Anyone Will Object To Will Smith Making Pump Up Videos For The Sixers

Can you feel that? Yeah, sure thing, Big Willie Style*. Hey, it’s only the second round. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is just warming things up for The New Fresh Prince Of Philly and his boys. Also, being a minority owner of his hometown team is a nice little motivator for Will Smith to get things going. Pimp out that brand, William. Pimp it.

Game 1 vs. the Celtics starts tonight in Boston. You want a true blue heroic pump up? Considered your juices flowed:

Also get it moving with this little diddy just hit the streets today, too. Not too shabby, even if somebody could’ve used all of the Ritalin before laying down the track.

Or get pseudo-pumped by watching this 16-min 60 Minutes feature on Ben Simmons and try to comprehend how incredible of a basketball player he is going to be. Spoiler alert: You can’t.

Sixers have won 22 of their last 23. Let’s keep it cookin. Cue it.

PS – Freaking Lil’ Dicky. That Cheltenham grad is a few years removed from wanting to play me and Mo in two-on-two basketball on this dirty blog to doing playoff promo’s with Will Smith for the Sixers. Not saying it isn’t well deserved, but what a freaking life. Gotta love it.

PPS – Of course Will Smith will always be known as The Fresh Prince and his stellar acting career, but for a white kid growing up in the suburbs of Philly, Big Willie Style FUCKED. That is all.