Josh Rosen Says His College Opponents Called Him "A Big Nosed Jew Bastard"

Virginia v UCLA

NYDNSticks and stones may break Josh Rosen’s bones, but names — even ones that cross the line — will supposedly never hurt him.

The former UCLA quarterback and highly-touted NFL prospect told that trash talk inspires him, adding that opponents have even thrown anti-Semitic remarks his way, but they still don’t throw him off his game.

“I get a lot of Jewish things,” Rosen said. “My nose, particularly. I get, like, ‘Stay the f–k down, you Jewish bastard. … I’m gonna break your f–kin nose, you Jew.'”

Rosen said he “really liked” when people tried to get inside his head, even when it involved bigoted speech.

Just another day in the life of being a Jew.  You don’t hear much about it but anti-Semitic hate crimes were up 57% last year and are currently still rising.  You can’t write a blog on the internet without getting called a Jew – if you think you’re going to step on a field in a competitive environment against people who hate you and are trying to rip your head off your body and not get called names, you’re just delusional.  Whatever.  As you can see from his quotes, it only makes him play harder and makes victory that much sweeter.  Plus as we recently learned Jews are so powerful they literally control the weather so it’s basically a badge of honor at this point.

Still the best sign in Gameday history.

“I like away games more than home games. I like silencing crowds; that’s a big thing,” Rosen said. “One of my best games was at Arizona my freshman year. It was College GameDay and they had a ton of banners; they had my face on the queen from ‘Frozen’. They had, ‘Josh Rosen’s Bar Mitzvah Wasn’t Even Lit.’

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Perfect timing for Chaps and Kayce’s show tomorrow.

“When people really get into me, it gets my competitive juices flowing. I love seeing heartbroken fans. Some stadiums, the fans are really close to you, and they’ll call you names: ‘Rosen, go back to your hot tub.’ And when you beat them and get to turn around and wave? It’s the best.”

Wave to em!