New Trailer For Venom Is Here And We Finally Get A Look At Tom Hardy All Oozed Up

If that tweeted nipple didn’t give it away, I am ROCK HARD for this movie folks. James Cameron and his hope for “superhero fatigue” can fuck right off and burn alive in the core of Pandora for all I care. This is going to be GOOD. And it seems like it’s gonna be different than the comic book movies we’ve gotten over the past few years.

For the uninitiated, DC Comics has less than zero hope (outside of Wonder Woman) for their franchises and Marvel is about to go through a seismic shift with their superhero content. Some or most of the old guard will likely get wiped out in Avengers: Infinity War and that’s gonna leave a lot of new blood to fawn over. Tom Holland aka Spiderman should be at the forefront of the new era and although Venom is technically a standalone movie separate from the “Avengers” universe, I gotta imagine they will be fused together at some point. GET YOUR LICENSING SHIT TOGETHER SONY!

Why do I have so much faith in something seemingly so fatigued and that’s been screwed up so badly before? Well… it has Tom Hardy in it. That’s pretty much my expectation barometer for movies these days. If Christopher Nolan, Tom Hardy, Michael Shannon or Matthew McConaughey are involved, I am IN. I used to include Vin Diesel and Michael Caine in that list but bah gawd let us not speak of The Last Witch Hunter.

But you just KNOW Tom Hardy is gonna bring it every time he steps up for a role, it’s one of the few sure things going on Earth right now honestly. He’s got the Eddie Brock NYC accent rocking and I already love seeing him arguing with himself/the Symbiote. That is gonna be a treat! Shades of Bartender Bob from The Drop for sure and all that inner conflict + beating the shit out of bad guys looks like a winning combination for me. Shout out to Deadpool for cracking the R-Rated anti-hero genre WIDE open but I think this will be a different feel. Less humor, more evil. LOTS of tongue.

And the world needs that now more than ever. Crazy that Tom Hardy can pull off being Bane AND Venom with such ease… But I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise for someone that simply oozes talent all over the place. Did you know Tom Hardy was a rapper back in 1999? Yep just a casual little mixtape.

I love this man.


PS: Check out Tom Hardy in Locke for a vintage Tommy No 1 performance… It’s 90 minutes of him driving alone and talking on the phone. That’s it. But it is fucking ENTHRALLING drama. Also comes from same writer/director as Peaky Blinders, just trust me.