Houston College Kid's Bat Flip And Victory Circle Around The Basepaths Is A Walk Off For The Ages

@grayson_padgett’s walk off Home run gives Coogs a 6-5 win to clinch series. #M64

Suck it, Jose Bautista. There’s a new bat flip to the heavens and celebration that’s going to be engrained in people’s minds to love and despise. See, don’t call me old fashioned, but I don’t hate it. I maybe should. I think I used to. But I don’t hate it anymore. Let this kid waltz around the basepaths and return home like it’s Rome and he’s a conquering hero. The more outlandishly cocky the merrier. If you don’t want it to happen, don’t serve up the meatball. Simple as that. Then again, I also wouldn’t mind him getting tagged old school style the next time these two teams meet. Screw getting one in the earhole while in the batter’s box during the next AB. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got pegged while in the on deck circle. Maybe even the National Anthem. It’s a win-win situation whether anything goes down or not. I love it. And I don’t care if that was a walkoff and the kid is on cloud million, keeping his arm raised all the way while rounding second base was the cockiest move since Pedro Cerrano kept his bat after a home run:

Like always, as I said earlier with Rhys doing the ol’ Philly Special rounding first on a home run, it’s a slippery slope to all kids having to do something. It’s not necessarily good or bad, but it’s bound to happen. Shit, there’s already kids bat flipping to orbit on game winning walk off singles. I remember Odubel Herrerra, who, yes, I still consider in the kid category, bat flipping on Justin Verlander. On a walk. In Spring Training. Loved it, but might want to keep it in the pants and only release it on monster shots to the moon.

PS – That is such a Grayson move.

PPS – For better or worse, so, so true: