Ian Poulter Is Such A Narc

Narc alert! What a loser. Could this guy get much worse? I honestly don’t think so. Just when you think Ian Poulter can’t be any more of a dweeb, he goes and does something like this. Of course he would think that joke about drug testing the day after 4/20 is funny. Did anybody doubt that Poults would be a square when it came to weed? I guarantee he’s actually called the cops on people for smoking weed before. He’s the type of guy who would see people smoking weed at a party and be like, “You know that’s illegal, right?” and then try to wrestle the joint away from them to put it out. Poulter doesn’t like weed because no one has ever wanted to smoke weed with him. Fact.

Now if you’ll recall, I did point out that Poulter was drinking in a moving vehicle after he won the Houston Open. But I wasn’t being a snitch. That was very different. I was being a patriot. I was pointing out that alcohol in a moving vehicle is extremely dangerous and shouldn’t be tolerated in any way, shape or form. So don’t even think about lumping me and Poulter into the same category. Weed is gonna be legal everywhere eventually anyway. The fact that it’s still illegal anywhere is a joke. Ian Poulter for sure wants weed to stay illegal. That much I know.