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Greg Olsen Would Be Awesome in the Monday Night Football Booth

“Obviously, ESPN, that Monday Night gig is a big deal,” he said. “You don’t just easily dismiss that. But how things play out, my preference would be for things to play out here at Carolina beyond this year. If that’s not the case, then other doors remain open is the best way to put it.” -ESPN

Greg Olsen might be my favorite person in the entire NFL. From his personality alone, to his ageless performance on the field, to the way he is so dedicated to his charity, and obviously that he’s a huge stoolie. Greg Olsen is the man plain and simple. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him in person, but a handful of the guys in the office have hung out with him and he’s just as genuine a dude as you’d expect. Greg is currently entering the final year of his contract with Carolina and his 11th season in the NFL. Last year he was plagued by foot issues and put up his least productive season by far. He only played in seven games and found the end zone just once.

According to Olsen he’s now fully healthy and he, like most star athletes getting up in age, does not want to play out the final year of a contract without an extension kicking in the following season. No one wants to play with the uncertainty of not having a guaranteed future, especially when you’re sacrificing your body the way Greg does. As OTAs begin, Olsen still doesn’t haven an extension and he’s weighing his options. One of those intriguing options is the Monday Night Football vacancy, left open by Jon Gruden. Yesterday we heard Brett Favre’s name circling the airwaves as a potential replacement and I’m glad that didn’t work out. I don’t need Joe Tessitore asking Favre what happened in the first half with him having no recollection of where they even are at the given moment. I think Greg Olsen would slide in perfectly in the MNF booth and make tuning in to the broadcast super intriguing.

There are certain reporters out there painting Olsen as a distraction heading into the upcoming season with these contract talks pending. I really don’t blame Olsen at all for what he’s saying. He’s at fucking OTAs I mean what else do you want him to do? He’s not sitting out and whining like a bitch like some other divas in this league would be. He’s simply weighing his options. There’s no “ultimatum” but I mean if the organization doesn’t feel like making one of their stars feel comfortable then that’s their decision. New GM Marty Hurney seems to be off to a good start in terms of being a people person and handling his guys the way they deserve to be (unlike former GM and now current Giants GM Dave Gettleman).

Anyways, I hope only the best for Greg Olsen because he’s one of the true good guys in the league and he deserves to be rewarded. If things don’t work out in Carolina though, I would love to see this guy doing the color commentary on ESPN Monday nights.

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