Apple Should Be Arrested For Sending A Flash Flood Warning At 7AM This Morning

I couldn’t let the day slide by without at least mentioning this.  I know everybody in NY got this warning.  This flash flood siren at 7am.   I fucking thought we got nuked by North Korea for a second.   I haven’t been the same all day because of this.  There is just no coming back from being woken up from a dead sleep by an emergency broadcast signal.  You might as well just flush that day down the toilet.   And yeah I know all the wise asses are gonna say I can disable that shit in my settings.  Who the fuck goes into their settings and disables that?   Umm ever heard of karma bro?  That’s a sure fire way to die in a flash flood.  But still Apple has to be smarter.  They know I’m in my fucking apartment sleeping.   Chill out bro with the fucking blaring sirens in my face.