Laugh Out Loud Funny Hole In One Celebration Ends In Absolute Catastrophe

Oh man this was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Tony Finau just aced it, and was doing a celebration for the ages. I’m pretty sure he was about to nail a roundoff-back handspring-triple mctwist before ripping off his shirt and jumping into the water. But even better, he Gramatica’d himself. I mean that ankle did a full 360, folks.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 4.47.46 PM

I just had to watch it again to get that screenshot and I’m wiping away tears. He’s SO HAPPY and then reality struck him like a bolt of lightning out of the sky and turned his ankle like it was the exorcist. The only question now is, is this good for golf….or great for golf?

PS: He kinda hopped up kind of quickly there. Maybe he was trying to Mary Lou Retton it? Gotta stick that hole in 1 celebration landing. I’m sure he’ll just rub some bunker sand on it and be just fine.