Mom And Daughter Come Across A Kidnapping In Progress, Rescue The Girl, And Chase The Suspect Down In Their Car Until Police Arrive

WILD story coming out of Houston. Apparently, a young woman and her mother came across a kidnapping in progress, rescued the girl, and instead of waiting for police to arrive, threw her in their car and went on a ten-minute chase until police boxed the suspect into a ditch. The clip is quick but you get a good idea of how intense the situation was based on the audio. It’s terror and adrenaline mixed with maternal instinct. I mean she couldn’t have been thinking when she decided to chase him, right? It’s just all adrenaline. What was she going to do if she caught up to him? Make a citizen’s arrest? I’m six-four, one-eighty-five two-hundred pounds and I wouldn’t have chased the guy. I would’ve taken down his license plate number so the police could pick him up ten minutes later when he stops for a pack of butts at Fast Fuel. That’s not to say I wouldn’t  want to chase him. I just know that once I did, I’d want to do it every day. All that attention, all that adrenaline- I’d be driving around like Mr. Incredible and Frozone looking for my next fix.

Hopefully whoever this guy is gets a life sentence, although in reality he’ll probably be dead within the month. It is Texas. If the death penalty doesn’t get to him chances are he’ll kill himself. Not because he’s in prison, because he got embarrassed by a high school girl and her MOM. Which for someone who thrives on power must be the most emasculating thing of all time. He probably had it all planned out in his head until that girl hit him with a right hook too. In the words of Mike Tyson, “Everyones got a plan until they get punched in the face.”

In all seriousness, thank God this lady and her daughter were there to intervene otherwise who knows how things could’ve ended.