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The ESPN Dominant Athletes List Is The Most Insulting Thing I've Ever Seen

Before I even start this blog, I’d like to point out that I’m not a writer. I’ve never been compelled to be a writer. I’ve spent the 6 years of my career since graduating from college (where I had to write 1000 papers) on radio and TV, because I didn’t like being a writer. But today, I’m breaking a trend because it has come to my attention that ESPN has officially put out the dumbest list of all time. It’s absolute garbage. I actually feel dumber for reading the entire thing.

While I hate that it’ll get more clicks, you have to see this shit for yourself:

Of course I know what they’re doing here. This is the definition of click-bait. They know we’ll all read this abhorrent list, become irrationally infuriated and spend the next few days talking about it. They figure they can’t put out a well thought-out list based on, oh I don’t know, actually watching who dominates the sports world because they know people would see it, agree with it and move on to something more relevant. Classic game playing. So I see your game ESPN, and I’m willingly falling into the trap.


By the way, the writer followed-up trying to defend his “dominance rating” metrics. And while we are keeping tabs, the reasoning for the rankings was equally as mind-blowingly bad as the list itself. I can’t even believe somebody agreed to let this be published.

The most atrocious take of the entire thing? Tom Brady is #20.

Never mind the fact that Peyton Manning is ridiculous at #3, #20 alone is insulting. You’re trying to tell me that you made a list of the most dominant athletes of THE LAST 20 YEARS and you came up with 19 people (including a retired WNBA player, two people that drive cars and an LPGA golfer) before TOM BRADY? Literally the greatest of all time, 5 Super Bowl rings, nearly an automatic trip to the AFC championship every year and arguably the most important part of one of the most successful dynasties in professional sports EVER and IT WAS ALL DONE IN THE LAST 20 YEARS.

I just spent the last year in the Boston sports media talking for 3 hours every night on air, so I realize my intolerance and hatred for Tom Brady hate is probably at an all-time high. But even the biggest of TB12 haters can’t agree with this take. I’m offended as a football fan, to be honest. And if you’ve actually watched a football game in the last 20 years, you should be too.

This guy gets it:

Other lowlights?

– No Michael Phelps. Breaking News: He has the most Olympic Gold Medals in history. You can even logically make the argument that he’s the most dominant athlete within a specific sport in history. Nobody comes close. But apparently swimming doesn’t count for this list. Trash.

– A NASCAR driver is above Roger Federer. I’m not even going to explain why this is absolutely absurd. It speaks for itself.

– Barry Bonds – and his 762 home runs – came in a #17. Disrespectful.

– Serena Williams is severely underrated at #12. She’s the most dominant female athlete of all time. Laughable.

You get the point. This is historically bad. We should all be offended and feel disrespected as sports fans. Thanks for ruining another day, ESPN.

And this tweet sums it all up perfectly. Might as well be a live look at me currently: