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I Can't Stop Looking and Laughing At This Muffin That Looks Like a Dog


HP - A teenager in La Mesa, Calif., had the shock of her life recently when she was about to bite into a blueberry muffin. It looked just like her pet Chihuahua. “We bought a big pack of muffins at Costco last week and on Monday, I walked into the kitchen and got the last muffin,” Kaelin Bell, 14, told The Huffington Post. She was about to eat it when she noticed it had a strange resemblance to Chico, her six-month-old Chihuahua. She lost her appetite. At least for muffins. “I couldn’t eat it,” she said. “So we froze it in a plastic bag. My dad is wondering if we’ll be able to sell it, but, so far, no one has offered to buy it.”




Am I being pranked? I have gone back and forth all day about this. And every time I look at that picture, I can’t help but snicker. It’s so fucking funny to me. How does that even happen? Her muffin looks identical to her dog. You can be the manliest man in the world, driving a pickup truck while fucking 10 models while blasting Nickelback, and you would still laugh at that picture. It’s just really funny. If you’re ever feeling sad today, just take a look at that picture. Have a chuckle. Feel good about life again.

PS: No chance I would be able to eat it. It’s basically one step away from killing your own dog. But they want to sell it? Are you kidding? What good is the muffin without the matching dog? When you sell the muffin, you’re just selling a muffin because nobody else has your same fucking dog. But at the same time, you do you. Capitalism. If someone wants to buy your dog faced muffin, you sell your dog faced muffin.