Ottawa Fan Goes On Crazy Rant Why The Senators Shouldn't Trade Erik Karlsson, Immediately Gets Followed On Twitter By Erik Karlsson

One of my favorite parts about NHL Trade Deadline season is when we start to get the social media likes involved. Like before Steven Stamkos signed his contract extension in Tampa Bay, every time he “liked” something on Twitter that was remotely pro-Toronto, it was headline news. “Stamkos to Toronto this” and “Stamkos to Toronto” that. The player then comes out and says it was either an accidental like or his account was hacked or some shit like that. But buddy over here just went on a tirade for the ages about how dumb the Ottawa Senators are for moving away from Erik Karlsson. Granted, if the team is 100% certain that there’s no chance in keeping him there long term once his contract is up, then it makes sense to trade him now for as much as you can possibly get in return rather than lose him for free next Summer. But if there’s even a 5% chance that you can get him to stay, then you do absolutely everything you possibly can to keep a generational talent like Erik Karlsson on your team. However, it looks like EK65 shares a similar opinion on the management group in Ottawa to our guy @brian5or6 here.

Call the Ottawa Senators the dumbest sacks of shit on the planet, immediately gets followed by Erik Karlsson. Yup. I think it’s safe to say that Karlsson’s days in Ottawa are numbered. Hell, there’s a pretty strong chance that his hours in Ottawa are numbered.