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Brendan Fraser Is Back And Dropping A+++++ Quotes

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If you’re interested give the full article a read, it’s pretty wild. Brendan Fraser gets very candid talking about his son with autism, how he spent basically seven years going in and out of surgeries from sacrificing his body on set, and how he was sexually assaulted in Hollywood. He’s a very, very interesting dude and uses a lot of words that I don’t understand (saccharine, for instance. I looked it up for you, it means excessively sweet or sentimental)

But I was a huuuuuge Brendan Fraser guy. I think everyone our age was. From Encino Man to School Ties to The Mummy with some Bedazzled in there, plus his appearance on Scrubs. Everything about Fraser was awesome. Now we have another thing to add to his awesomeness, a quote. “I think I just need to let some arrows fly.”

That’s so fantastically weird, ridiculous, and fantastic. You just get up in the middle of an emotional interview to grab your quiver and nock some arrows like you’re at summer camp? A lot of people read that bit and thought it was a euphemism then were stunned when it turns out “I just need to let some arrows fly” literally meant that Fraser just needed to go Legolas on a bitch and let some steam out, but not me. I knew immediately that Fraser meant he needed to fuck up some collected hay and a target, hitting two bullseyes like he’s Peter Pan. Anyone else I’d definitely think it was code for something, but because it was Brendan Fraser I knew exactly what was coming. Because Brendan Fraser has always been great and great dudes say weird shit like that then actually do it.

PS – I love the archery lexicon. “Quiver” and “nock” are two excellent words.