No Video Has Ever Filled Me With More Anxiety Than This Bunny Being Woken Up By An Airhorn

So this video was posted on the Barstool Sports Instagram last night. I was in an uber on the way home when I saw it. I read the caption. I watched the beginning of the video and was immediately crippled with anxiety. I almost had to ask my uber driver to pull over so I could get out, walk around and get some air. I was fully ready to go to war with the person who posted it. I was beside myself. Not only that but I was convinced the video was going to topple Barstool Sports as a company. I thought we we done. This company has been through some shit over the years and persevered. All the way from KO Barstool to Michael Rapport, this company is resilient in the face of controversy. It’s one of our strengths. But no company in the history of the companies would be able to survive posting a video of of a bunny being awoken by an airhorn. That much I know. Not even us.

So all of those thoughts were speeding through my head as I watched the airhorn get closer and closer and closer to an innocent bunny enjoying some REM sleep. I thought I was gonna have a damn panic attack. I thought I was gonna pass out. I mean who would be stupid enough to actually post a video like that? That’s what I wanted to know. Then of course the twist ending was that the person simply nudges the bunny awake with the airhorn. I let out the biggest sigh of relief. What a roller coaster of emotions.