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This Video Of Marv Albert And Reggie Miller Screwing Up Calls During The All-Star Game Is Hilarious Yet Tough To Watch

Fuck man, that made me sad. Well some of it did. Hearing Reggie Miller continue to be one of the worst announcers in sports brings a smile to my face. Not because it’s “so bad, its good” or anything. But because all the people loved twisting the knife in Knicks fans for Reggie’s heroics against them back in the 90s now have to listen to that corny-ass gremlin on TV. No way that ghoulish asshole gets on television if it isn’t for him ripping millions of hearts out on basketball’s biggest stage multiple times. Reggie Miller is a disease with a great 3-point stroke and the Knicks haters allowed him to become a much bigger outbreak than he ever should have. But since everyone had to pump his tires because he admittedly was a cold-blooded assassin, they now have to listen to Steph Curry being called The Stephster.

But listening to Marv mess up his player names and basketball lingo is depressing as shit. Dude doesn’t have his fastball even touching 80 anymore in that video. Hearing the man who made saying Yes! an art form talk about reach-arounds, get the quarter wrong, and try to figure out which player is one which team in the first year it’s not East vs. West is brutal. Granted it was during the All-Star Game and nobody in the arena usually gives a shit during the All-Star Game. I mean Kevin Hart and Fergie gave us two of the worst performances of 2018 before tipoff. But still, seeing the man that gave us all of those classic calls during the NBA on NBC era and so much more call the game with the energy of the Spags vs. Loud Sean game retroactively broke the backs of countless childhoods across the country. Then again, Marv has been calling basketball games for a long fucking time. Kareem, Russell, and West weren’t being asked to shoot and play defense, meanwhile The Marvelous One was out tooting his golden pipes like the pro he is next to Reggie fucking Miller, who Marv probably hates in his heart of hearts as a fan of the Knicks and as a fan of announcing. I mean Marv has been calling games since Pablo Picasso was alive. That’s a long fucking time. Marv doesn’t have a clone like Ian Eagle does. Give him a break, internet.



(And TNT, if we are being honest).

P.S. Throwing Marv’s mugshot as the thumbnail for the video is some real deal heartless shit.

via /r/nba