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Rae Carruth Writes a Nice Apology Note to the Mother of the Pregnant Girlfriend He Murdered

PFTFormer Panthers first-round pick Rae Carruth, months away from his release from prison for conspiring to kill the mother of his son, sent an open letter to the child’s family apologizing for his role in the death of Cherica Adams. …

The boy is cared for by his grandmother Saundra Adams, and Carruth told WBTV that since she hasn’t returned messages he’s tried to relay to her while he’s in prison, he wanted to make his feelings public. He was convicted in 2001 of conspiracy to commit murder, and is schedule for release later this year.

“I feel like if I did it in the open, it would put an end to the lies. If I say publicly, ‘Ms. Adams, I apologize, Ms. Adams, I take responsibility for what happened,’ that she can no longer get on television and do an interview and say Rae has never apologized to me,” Carruth said. …

“I’m apologizing for the loss of her daughter. I’m apologizing for the impairment of my son,” Carruth said. “I feel responsible for everything that happened. And I just want her to know that truly I am sorry for everything, . . .

“If I could change anything, I’d change the whole situation. His mother would still be here and I wouldn’t be where I’m at. So that’s what I’d want to change. I want the incident to never have happened at all,” he said.

Say what you want about Rae Carruth. Call him a monstrous psychopath who murdered the woman carrying his child so he’d be rid of her and his own flesh and blood if you must. But you can’t say he has no manners.

Whenever you’re involved in the homicide of a pregnant woman, the rules of polite society dictate that before your sentence is up, you write a nice note to the victim’s mother who’s been raising the impaired son you tried to kill in utero. I feel that that goes without saying, but unfortunately in a world where common courtesy is becoming all to uncommon, those rules tend to be ignored. And therefore it’s gratifying to know that Rae Carruth has the decency to do the right thing. It helps demonstrate he was raised right.

So let this be a lesson for us all. If you’re going to pay people to gun down your baby mamma in cold blood, your conviction in the homicide is not the end of your involvement. A nice note – preferably hand-written in cursive on a nice stationery – is essential. Something along the lines of “I regret having your daughter killed. And I apologize if in any way this offended you. Given the fact that it was my idea and I carried out the attack on her, I feel somewhat responsible. However it was never my intention to upset you. Mistakes were made. It would be nice if I had not done that and was not therefore incarcerated. It is regrettable and I hope you accept my sincerest expression of remorse. Also, thank you for raising the child I tried to kill. Warmest regards, etc. etc.”

Again, what Carruth did is horrible beyond imagination. But at least the man understands that simple etiquette can go a long, long way.