Elliptical Gang Shirts On Sale Now! #gang

So people have been asking if I’m gonna make Elliptical Gang shirts and now they’re here. I love’em. This all started when I decided to start working out at the beginning of 2018. I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do but I knew I needed to move my body around more than before. Not a hard thing to accomplish since I was doing absolutely nothing up until that point. I decided on the elliptical because I hate the treadmill. HATE it. It’s so boring and tedious and I knew I’d quit if I picked the treadmill. So the elliptical it was. Not sure why it stuck but it did. I started posting on Twitter and Instagram how I was going and the #gang movement magically started.

It really took off when I blogged about how I lost 21 pounds in the month of January. The gang had officially arrived on the scene and it was proof that it worked. More and more and more people started sending me pictures of them crushing the elliptical. People now are starting to send me how much weight they’ve lost. It’s all been very very cool.

That’s a long-winded way of saying Elliptical Gang shirts are here. It’s a movement. If you’re already in the #gang, buy a shirt and rep it proudly at the gym. We’re all just out here trying not to die. Get involved.



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