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We Can All Agree That Ian Eagle's Son Is His Clone, Right?

Let me start this blog out by saying I’m a big Ian Eagle guy. The dude is a natural on the mic, has a great voice, rises to the occasion, he’s a Cuse guy, I’m a Cuse fan, and hearing Bill Raftery call him “Bird” makes me laugh every damn time.

But I’m pretty sure Ian outed himself as having a straight up clone in this interview. As a confirmed sex haver with 1.5 kids and a parenting podcast, I know that parents and their kids may look and sound alike. But this is some next level Mini Me shit. Those motherfuckers are iiiiiiidentical.

Am I supposed to believe that it’s just a coincidence that Noah was born right as Ian got into the broadcasting game? Or is there at least a possibility that Syracuse University used Ian as Patient Zero for some new cloning program to keep themselves ahead of all the Big J Journo schools in the country? Cloning was the hottest shit in the streets in the mid-90s. Dolly the sheep was thriving and Jurassic Park was the hottest movie franchise out. Why wouldn’t a school with the money and resources that Cuse has try to make carbon copies of their most visible alums? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Syracuse would have tried this shit with Marv Albert or Bob Costas. But Ian Eagle makes perfect sense. He had proven himself in a big New York market yet wasn’t a household name yet. The people that made Wolverine didn’t choose some developed superhero to become Weapon X. They chose a dude with raw ability that could handle the procedure and did it in the middle of nowhere (which is pretty applicable for much of Western New York just outside of Syracuse). And if you were going to start a program where you end up shipping out two of the same kind of creature, wouldn’t you name the prototype of that program “Noah”?

The defense rests, your honor.

Anyway, congratulations on your clone with a name that is pronounced correctly getting into the biz, Ian. Barstool is a clone-friendly blog and wish you both the best.