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It Would Be Awesome If Chris Bosh Was Able To Come Back And Play

NBA: JAN 17 Heat at Thunder

Pretty interesting to hear Chris Bosh talk about his comeback. It’s awesome to hear he’s working out and hasn’t given up hope of returning to the NBA. For those who may not remember, back around this same time in 2015, it was first discovered that Bosh had a blood clot in his lungs. That shut him down for the year and could have cost him his life. Really really scary stuff. He was able to be back by the start of the next season, and looked like his old self. He made yet another All Star team and was averaging 20/8 with 46/36% splits

Unfortunately another blood clot this time in his leg, shut Bosh down again for good. The next year he failed his physical to start the year and that was it, his career was over.

So to hear Bosh talk about a potential return not only next year, but THIS year is pretty cool. I can’t imagine what kind of shape he’s in or if a team would even consider it, but if he’s even close to what he was in 2015-16? He can absolutely help someone, especially if you’re a contending team. Shit, he’d probably be perfect for the Celtics and I wouldn’t hate if they gave him a look. You don’t think Lebron is going to have the Cavs kick the tires? Imagine a return to TOR too, that would be a pretty awesome ending to his career. It’s a bit of a wild idea, that he could go from his couch to playing in the league, but who knows? If he’s truly been working out and he can get cleared by a medical staff and is truly healthy, he stopped playing at 31. It’s not like he’s a normal 34 or 35 year old with all those miles still trying to come back, there’s definitely good basketball left in that tank.

When you think about it Bosh really would flourish in today’s style. He showed his improved three point shot during his years in MIA, and he’s not lying when he says he could play better defense than a lot of bigs right now. He’s the perfect stretch four when healthy. Despite the fact that he may be a direct competitor to the team I root for, I’d still love to see him come back. The NBA is better when talents like Bosh are in the league so I for one hope it happens.