Shaun White's Gold Medal Run Set To Titanic Music Is My New Favorite Movie Ever

I don’t know why I was so jacked up for Shaun White’s run, but I was. I guess I’ve got Olympic fever. I’d literally watched one run, his first tonight, then started paying attention to the Bruins again. Before tonight I hadn’t thought about Shaun White since the Entourage movie. But, for some reason, I had butterflies in my stomach when he was strapping up for his third run and probably celebrated his win just as hard as he did (without the tears because I’m a man’s man). Now I’m just watching this on repeat because it’s that awesome. Titanic music makes everything awesome, you could put it on a sex tape of me and I might even look serviceable.

PS – The fact that they give the medalists stuffed animals to hold them off until the ceremony is laugh out loud funny. This looks like it was photoshopped.