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Bud Light Is Anteing Up To Their Super Bowl Promise Of Paying Philly's Bar Tab With Over 38,000 Beers (Still Nowhere Near Enough) UPDATE: I'm An IDIOT - EVERYONE WILL BE BEER'D!!!

PHILADELPHIA– Bud Light will fulfill its promise of free beer now that the Philadelphia Eagles have won the Super Bowl. Previously, Bud Light tweeted an offer of free beer to the entire city of Philadelphia (of legal drinking age, of course) if the Eagles would win the Super Bowl to OT Lane Johnson. Originally, Johnson had offered everyone in the city a free beer, but Bud Light decided to offer to pick up the tab if the team pulled off the Super Bowl victory. The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots, 41-33, in Super Bowl LII on Sunday night. Now, Bud Light is encouraging everyone to come to the Eagles’ Championship parade on Thursday, and pick up their free beer at taverns along the parade route. Of course, the offer is only valid for those 21 and older:

According to FOXNews, the company has named 25 bars along the route that will offer free Bud Light to patrons.

Bud Light is good, but free Bud Light is God’s Water. And them owning up to their preseason bet is a miraculous sign from the heavens that maybe, just maybe, Philly is able to not only have, but keep nice things.

However, Bud Light may be selling the sac short a bit as I stumbled upon just how many brews are gonna be distributed –

1267 30 packs delivered to 25 locations up and down Broad St and around the Parkway. That’s 38,010 beers total. An absolutely outrageous generous, great favor bestowed upon us from Bud Light. 38K brews wasn’t enough when the freaking Pope was in town. Hell, it’s barely enough for your standard underage Delco house party – Seriously. Multiple that number by a billion and maybe, MAYBE you have enough to quench the thirst of the good people who have waited 50+ years for this. Good try, good effort, BL. And that’s not knock on the beer barons one bit, they’re just underestimating the heathens. Underdogs in all aspects of life.

Now please pay respects to the man who made this Bud Light deal all possible. No, not the handsome devil on the right. He’s just a company man trying to do his job.

UPDATE: I’m an inaccurate idiot! Everyone will be taken care of, and then some. Here’s an official Bud Light release I got my greedy little paws on:

The entire Bud Light team is looking forward to tomorrow’s festivities. As a company, we take responsibility very seriously, and we are committed to promoting safe and positive experiences across everything that we do. We have worked with the city of Philadelphia, local authorities, and our local distribution partners to ensure all of our plans are in compliance with Pennsylvania law.

Here is some additional information on our plans for the Eagles’ victory festivities.

Parade Attendees:

As announced on Sunday, Eagles fans should look for Bud Light reps at one of the participating taverns along the parade route.
After verifying their age with the bar, Bud Light reps will hand out a single token to each Eagles fan, which they can exchange for a Bud Light.
When someone redeems a token, they will receive a stamp indicating to all participating bars that they have already received their complementary Bud Light.
The Bud Light reps at participating bars will also be distributing $10 Lyft coupons to encourage Eagles fans to get home safely.

The Bud Light Philly Philly Rebate:

For those fans who can’t make the parade, we are also offering a $7 Rebate on purchases of a six-pack (or larger) of Bud Light made on Thursday, 2/8, or Friday, 2/9, around the celebration. Visit for more information.

The Mayor’s Office has declared Thursday, February 8 as “Philly Philly Day” and Bud Light is proud to be an official sponsor of the Eagle’s victory celebration. This should be a great day for all involved. As we head into tomorrow, we encourage everyone to make responsible decisions and create a positive, memorable experience for all Eagles fans. Congrats, Philadelphia! Philly Philly!

Let’s have a day, Philly!