It's That Time For Eagles Fans To Start Perfecting Their "Riot Juice" Recipes

“Whenever there’s a potential riot, I’m getting blasted on grain alcohol”. – Ronald “Mac” McDonald

It’s taken a while for the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles are playing in the Super Bowl to fully sink in for me. Not sure why but it just hasn’t seemed real for a while. There’s been plenty of excitement over the last couple of weeks but I think I was still just riding off of adrenaline from the NFC Championship game. However, as I woke up this morning it finally hit me. In just 3 more days, the Eagles have a shot at winning their first Super Bowl in franchise history. And you know what that means….

It’s time to get that Riot Juice flowing. 

I have no idea what to expect out of this city on Sunday night. We got a little preview after the Vikings game but this is another level. The last time the Eagles were in the Super Bowl, I was 12 years old. I was all hopped up on Pepsi and chicken wings but I feel like Super Bowl Sunday with your team in it at 12-years-old is going to be slightly different than at 25. So if Always Sunny has taught me anything, it’s that getting blasted off riot juice is the only way to properly handle Sunday. You can always just DVR the game and get a chance to properly watch it later if the Eagles end up winning.

So load up on that grain alcohol. Grab yourself some Kool-Aid powder. Maybe mix in a few Wawa lemonades if you’re looking to take some of the edge off. And let’s all aspire to be on the same level as this man right here.

But also I feel like I’m legally obligated to tell everybody to drink responsibly. So do that.