Jen Selter Was Kicked Off an American Airlines Plane For Stretching Her Legs During a Two Hour Delay

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So the other night Jen Selter, the famous Insta model who may or may not be hooking up with Unicorn Kristaps Porzingis, was kicked off her flight from Miami to New York for getting up to stretch her legs. Selter’s American Airlines flight was delayed two hours on the tarmac while everyone was in their seat which is one of my bigger nightmares to have. Being trapped, confined to your seat while your plane isn’t even moving is crazy land type shit. If I’m delayed a half hour on a plane I start to freak out, so two hours I would be borderline having a panic attack. Why would you make them board the flight if they were gonna be stuck on the ground for what is 2/3’s of the flight time from Miami to NYC? Idiots.

So after two hours of being stuck on this plane, someone in her row went to the bathroom and Selter got up to stretch her legs. As the story goes from Selter she was then harassed by the flight attendants for standing up when everyone needed to be in their seats. Sarcastically saying yes to if she wanted to be removed from the plane. I have a feeling Jen wasn’t an angel during this ordeal and the flight attendants got pissed off about something because if you watch the videos below some things just don’t add up.

Off camera she had to have been complaining and causing a scene, otherwise there’s just no way you kick her off a plane for stretching while other people are getting up and going to the bathroom. There were other passengers standing up for her though so the whole situation is very bizarre. If anything she was doing a service to the passengers for putting on a little show because if I’m stuck for two hours on a plane that’s not moving I’m not gonna be opposed to watching Jen Selter stretch.


Also, is it a little weird Jen isn’t flying private? You have 11 million followers on Instagram I feel like if I’m her I’m at least not flying coach. KP go help your girl out for Christ’s sake.