ICYMI: Bruno Mars Won The Grammys Last Night

I know the name of this site is Barstool SPORTS and only followed by the biggest #sportheads on the internet. Which is why I am letting everyone know that Bruno Mars won the Grammys last night in case you find yourself at the water cooler with Susan from accounting and end up caught in a conversation about last night’s show. Just tell them that your pal Clem’s favorite artist Bruno Mars dominated the entire night and was utterly unstoppable. You can also tell them that I conceived both my kids while listening to Bruno Mars if you want to make the conversation awkward and have everyone quietly go back to their desks.

Bruno swept all 6 awards he was nominated for and won Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year AKA the ollllll’ musical Triple Crown. I don’t know if people actually call it that, but I call it that so we are running with it. I also don’t know the difference between Song of the Year and Record of the Year either, but Bruno does and he won both awards with different songs. He also had the most fun performance of the night despite using mayyyyyybe the 5th best song on his album that has been dominating the singles charts for more than a year.

American Pharoah, Miguel Cabrera, Bruno Mars. The last three people living beings to complete the Triple Crown in their respective fields and they all did it in the last few years. Crazy that we are witnessing history and greatness in its purest form. Legends that are locks for their Hall of Fames and now are just looking to pad their stats. Pharoah is knocking up the finest fillies in the world and pumping out future champions. Miggy is still cashing those checks after a rough season in Motown. And Bruno is a musician at the top of his field at the ripe old age of 32. Shit, Bruno is 32? Shit, I would have guessed like 5 years younger. But no matter. Dude is absolutely killing the game and putting up numbers the invoke the names of the King of Pop and Carlos Santana, who sang Smooth featuring Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20 off of the Grammy award-winning album Supernatural (h/t Chaps).


Pretty decent company to be in I suppose.


I blogged this after last year’s Grammys and I see no need to change it anytime soon following the way this year’s awards played out.

Last night wasn’t all gravy though. I loved Bruno having a guy wearing a mask in his crew since nobody fucks with a group of people that has a Mask Guy in it.


But the fact he took the mask off AFTER Bruno took home the most sought after trophy in music is a huge red flag.


You don’t want to lose your Mask Guy on the most successful night of your career. And you sure as fuck don’t want your retired Mask Guy looking like he’s ready to pull a slick move on you when you close out the club at 5 AM. Head on a swivel, Bruno. Head on a swivel.