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Should Patriot Fans Accept Smitty's Apology For Boorish Eagles Fan Behavior

From Smitty

Funny, perhaps. But quite possibly a dick move. Assumed fancy establishments and other spots who wish to remain neutral in this war should be considered a No-Man’s Land of sorts. Nobody was causing a ruckus, so there was no reason to invade or defend the Nest (kind of like that saying). So, yeah, don’t necessarily hate it, but we’re definitely firing the first shot on this one. I’m more of a beat ‘em on the field or save it for where a fight is needed kind of guy.

I gotta be honest.  I didn’t have a huge problem with this.  I think it’s kinda cute how excited Eagles fans are.  After all they haven’t been in the Super Bowl in forever.  Since that time Donovan Mcnabb puked on himself and we won our 3rd Lombardi Trophy. So it’s only natural they are really excited about finally being back.  I ain’t mad at them   But it’s clear Smitty is very concerned about the perceived image of Philly trash.  Basically begging for our forgiveness here.  Asking me not to judge their fan base.  It’s okay Smitty.  I’ll forgive these people.  Now roll over and let me pet your belly.   Smitty’s a good boy!  You want a treat Smitty?  Good boy smitty!!