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Old People and Peter Gammons Can Put In Their Dentures and Chew Glass


Fuck old people in the media. I’ve had it with them. First they got all in a tizzy over Colin Kaepernick wearing his hat backwards. Now Richard Sherman called himself a good football player, albeit ecstatically because you know, they’re going to the Super Bowl, and based on the reaction you would think he ate a small child.

But I have a bigger problem with that Peter Gammons tweet. (This is what he is referring to in the tweet) Shut up old man. The tweet is so dumb for many reasons. Not to state the completely obvious, but Gammons makes his living covering the dirtiest of all professional sports. PEDs and steroids in the news all day every day. It’s biggest stars and some people labeled the greatest to ever play the game were busted cheating. I feel we sometimes forget that because baseball does such a good job of shifting the conversation, but I can’t even imagine if it came out Gretzky and Lemieux did steroids the same way it came out about Arod and Clemens. It’s insane to even think about that, but in baseball, it’s basically an afterthought.

Second, the NHL sells out more arenas than the NBA. 100,000 people sat out in the cold to watch a game on New Years Day. But hey, there were about 9 people at any given Marlins game last season. I didn’t hear Gammons chirp when Zack Greinke was hurt in a baseball fight. I guess that is “part of the game”, but when it’s a hockey fight we have to have a discussion about violence and if it’s needed and all that? Just go away.

The NHL is doing pretty well. It won’t ever be baseball, but it never really wanted to be baseball anyway. It’s a Canadian sport played by mostly foreigners. Soccer and cricket are fucking huge everywhere else, and nobody else cares about the NFL besides here, so does that make it a “minor sport”? Basically, Gammons should pipe down about things he doesn’t understand and stick to pretending baseball is an angelic, classy sport played by charming individuals.