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Terrell Owens Hates Everybody... Except Andy Reid

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According to T.O.’s most recent random rant, Andy Reid is the best head coach he ever played for. Which was never a thing anyone ever debated. T.O. saying the thing the Chiefs need is playmakers to put him over the top, as if Tyreek Hill is the reason for his clock management woes, feels slightly incorrect. Also, small detail here, but Reid didn’t get over the hump when he had you. But whatever, Terrell’s entitled to his opinion. Which he continues on with to some of his other former coaches.

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Dak was only bad this year because Jason Garrett is bad. Not because Zeke Elliot was suspended for a chunk of the season, not because Dez’s skillset has declined and Jason Witten’s old as hell, simply Jason Garrett’s play calling is to blame. I don’t hate this one, Jason Garrett is sneaky just a clapping version of Marvin Lewis. No idea how that guy remains employed after all these years of the Cowboys mediocrity. Yet he has, it’s creeping into becoming an all time finesse, but’s that for another time. As for T.O.’s days in San Francisco.

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Somehow not all that surprising!

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Also, unsurprising!

Finally, it wouldn’t be T.O. news without plenty of shots aimed directly at Donovan McNabb. We all should’ve somehow seen this coming after Ja Rule started firing shots at 50 Cent this morning since apparently the world just decided it’s 2003 all over again.

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T.O. definitely bullied McNabb every day of their lives after he played in the Super Bowl on a broken leg while McNabb was blowing chunks all over the turf. And this is a beef that will never die. Rondo forgave Ray Allen, Westbrook and Durant were tossing each other alley-oops in the last All Star Game, Shaq attended Kobe’s retirement ceremony. Plenty of beefs come and go, T.O. and McNabb? That’s for life.

As for the Hall of Fame voters who already kept T.O. off the ballot the first go around, I’m sure they loved every second of this. Proving, in their minds, that it was the right idea to keep a top five all time receiver out of the Hall because they didn’t like the cut of his jib. But it’s gonna be real tough for them to hold these quotes against him like they did in the past. Old Terrell was just running his mouth to stay in the news, new Terrell is just dealing with a small case of brain trauma.

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