Trump Kicks CNN Reporter Jim Acosta Out Of Oval Office By Simply Pointing To The Door And Saying "Out"

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I love when Trump dominates Jim Acosta. Day in and day out he wipes the West Wing floors with this nerd. It’s great. I login to Twitter in the morning half expecting to see Acosta hanging by his underwear from the White House flag pole. I know people are upset about the First Amendment or whatever blah blah blah but the real important takeaway here is that Trump is at heart an entertainer, and I chuckle every single time I re-watch him point to the door and calmly say “out” to Acosta like he’s some misbehaving middle schooler bitching about having too early of a curfew.

All that said, have to give Acosta credit — he relentlessly gets right in there and battles with Trump. I respect that. Hope this rivalry never ends.