I Had No Idea White Chocolate Became A Cop

I’m officially worried about the youths. It’s apparent that this young man has never seen a single And-1 Mixtape in his entire life, thus he had zero clue that moves like this existed out in the world. Poor kid probably just has an Instagram account where he sees ferocious dunks from Zion Williamson and pull-up threes from full court from LaMelo Ball. He hasn’t marveled at Hot Sauce nor studied the Professor make utter fools of even the most engaged defenders. This cop clearly had an advantage of growing up in that era and used it to his advantage, breaking him off with some patented yum-yum sauce and sending this gym into complete pandemonium.

The only confusing part of this clip is why did this kid stop running? It appears he stopped and turned around like he was going to go back into that gym? Bro, keep it moving. To the next town, next city, next state. Leave your personal belongings and start anew, because it’s over for you in that high school.