China Making an Amusment Park Ride That Simulates You Being on the Titanic as it Hits an Iceberg and Sinks


China - A Titanic theme park with a “shake and tumble” simulator recreating the liner sinking was condemned as deplorable by victims’ relatives yesterday. Douglas Piper, 80, whose grandad John Barnes was a fireman on board the famous ship , said: “This is exploitation. No one should make money or jokes out of a disaster.” Rudi Newman, of the British Titanic Society, said: “This is in incredibly poor taste and frankly deplorable. Whatever next, the Pompeii experience?” The park in Sichuan, China, is due to open in 2016 and light and sound effects will make visitors fear they are drowning. Su Shaojun, head of the group behind the project, said the aim was to “spread the spirit of the Titanic”. More than 1,500 people died when the liner hit an iceberg in 1912.


I guess there comes a time where someone decides the death of 1,500 people can be exploited for fun, games, and profit. And that time is 102 years later. China made the decision, so I guess it’s locked in. Or you can try arguing with those commie superhuman robots, up to you. But for me, the sinking of the Titanic is now fun! And this ride sounds both fun and terrifying. Even though a simulated drowning is not what I go to the amusement park for, I’m fairly intrigued, so hopefully if I stand on my tippy toes I’d be able to get on. And I can’t wait to see what they follow up with. Maybe they stick with the aquatic theme and have a fun Pearl Harbor ride in the works? Only 73 more years til we find out!