CNN Rings In The New Year By Burning It Down

Kush Kaye in the motherfucking building! If this video is any indication of what we’re in for in 2018 then sign me right up. Old women who absolutely used to call marijuana a gateway drug now burning it down in black light rooms with the Laremy Tunsil gas masks on national television is where we’ve been striving to get for a long time. We’re here now. If you’re not with it then show me your badge, officer. Cause if you don’t it’s entrapment, everyone knows that. My only problem with this video is that Kush Kaye didn’t inhale on camera, that would’ve been a big win for us all. She was clearly already rocked, and that lighter flick wasn’t one of a rookie. Thumb down, flame pointed away from the skin like a pro’s pro. Just go that extra mile to ring in 2019, Randi Kaye. Be the Kush you want to see in the world.